The winter season can hit our area hard, which is why every driver that has dealt with a winter here knows how vital having the right tires is. Well, our dealership is here to tell you that now is the time to set up an appointment for getting your winter tires on. Our Honda service center can guide you through how to check the tread on your tires, the size you need, and how winter tires make driving in any condition simpler. Below, we talk about our tire center near Grand Forks and why you should schedule an appointment with us before too long!

Why Having the Right Tires for Winter is So Important

The biggest difference between winter tires and others is the tread of the former. The tread depth and pattern of winter tires allow for greater traction through snow, which makes all the difference during the winter months. Winter tires have a different rubber type, too, and this won't freeze up and reduce traction as other tires would. Having this additional confidence and traction will make all the difference when you have a snowy commute.

Come to Our Fargo Tire Center for More Help!

So, if this info convinced you that you need winter tires near Moorhead, our team is here to help. You can buy tires from us, and we'll happily mount and balance them for you. You can always bring in your vehicle and tires you already have to get them on your car. We also can perform a tire tread test to let you know more about how much life is left in them. When you need tire service, we're the place to trust!

We hope that this info helped you learn more about our tire center, why drivers trust us with tire service, and why you need snow tires on your car this winter. You can always contact our service center near West Fargo with any questions or to schedule a service appointment!

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