With February coming to an end, drivers throughout the greater Fargo area are eyeing the month of March, paying specific attention to the date where we'll push our clocks forward an hour and sacrifice an hour of sleep in the name of daylight savings. While we've yet to find anyone that likes this change, we aim to help make it an easy switch, so if you're unsure of how to change the clock in your new Honda vehicle, take a look below and we'll explain how it's done.

In just about all the Honda models that we can think of, the clock functionality is tied to the radio system, and the buttons to update the time are secondary functions of other audio controls. So as you examine the dash, hold down the button with the secondary label of "Clock" and once you hear the telltale beep, press the button with the secondary label of "H" to advance the hour on the clock. Here in March it is even easier, as you'll only have to press this button once to advance the clock time, whereas the fall switch requires a few more button presses.

Once you have advanced the hour of the clock to the right time, simply press the Clock button once again and it will save the changes. Just like that, your clock will be all set and your Honda will be ready to get back to the more enjoyable adventures and outings throughout Fargo, Moorhead, Grand Forks, West Fargo, and wherever else the roads may lead. Of course, if your vehicle is in need of any kind of service or maintenance to make the future easily embraced, schedule an appointment with our service team, and we'll make sure your Honda model is ready to take on all that the future holds.

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