With summer now in full force, it's important to be mindful of what the seasonal temperatures can impact the performance of your vehicle. While not as challenging to combat as the freezing temperatures and ample snowfall of the winter months, our team at Corwin Honda would still like to offer advice to our local drivers about maintaining the ride quality of their trusted Honda models. Fortunately, most of the tips are easy to handle on your own at home - making it simple to take care of for new and old drivers alike.

  • Be sure to check your oil frequently. This is often the largest contributor to engine and maintenance issues, with the summer heat making it more necessary for thicker viscosity. We recommend researching your model's oil needs before switching, but most vehicles can handle the higher weight of a summer-focused oil.
  • Know your battery's shelf life. Most drivers expect their battery to fail in the winter, but in reality the summertime is a more potent opportunity to fall victim to a dead battery. If yours is more than a few years old, its important to be mindful of its remaining life potential while considering a replacement.
  • Keep your A/C running smoothly. The summer is the worst time to suffer from a subpar cooling system, especially on hot, rainy days. Save yourself the trouble by having your refrigerant refilled at least once per year, preferably in the spring months.
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