Getting Ready for Winter

Be Prepared for Winter with Help from Corwin Honda

With the onset of winter comes the drop in temperatures that many of us expect, but when the cool temperatures arrive, they can have an impact on the functions of your vehicle. So proper preparation for the winter season is recommended to ensure that drivers throughout Moorhead, Grand Forks, West Fargo, and beyond are fully-prepared for the fun that winter brings, and able to avoid the hassles. With freezing temperatures, any components that aren't in their top condition will likely deliver exacerbated problems, which can lead to larger issues and inconveniences, from running late for work to being generally unsafe for winter driving. Whether it's batteries, tires, brakes, the radiator, or even wiper blades, there are many factors to consider when preparing for the challenges of winter. But here at Corwin Honda Fargo, our auto service experts are prepared to help get your car ready for winter.

If your vehicle is already sluggish to start in the cooler morning weather, or your tires are looking a little balder than you would like, schedule an appointment with our auto service experts, and we'll do everything in our power to ensure that your vehicle is ready for winter. Slight problems can become significant issues in the winter, and being stuck on the side of the road is a place no driver wants to be, so let Corwin Honda help restore your vehicle to its best-possible condition, so you can hit the roads with confidence this winter.

To learn more about ways you can keep your car in its best shape, or to get an opinion from an auto service professional, schedule an appointment at our location, and we'll make sure your vehicle is ready for the challenges of the winter season, and can easily get back to the adventures that await throughout the greater Fargo area, and beyond.

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Car Battery

Make Sure Your Car Battery is Ready for Winter with Corwin Honda

  1. Get your car battery tested to see if the charge is low - it may have enough juice to run in warmer weather, but it'll die as soon as it gets really cold
  2. Consider investing in a battery charger
  3. Clean off any corrosion on the cables that connect the car battery and make sure they are secure

With the arrival of winter and its freezing temperatures comes renewed concern for your vehicle, and if your battery's charge is low, the onset of freezing temperatures may result in a dead battery. And when it's first thing in the morning and you're preparing to go to work, the last thing you'll want to deal with is a dead battery. To avoid this unfortunate circumstance, we recommend coming to our Fargo dealership and having our auto service experts take a look at your vehicle and its battery. Once here, they'll test it to ensure it's ready for the harsh conditions of weather, and if need be, we'll set you up with a new battery at a great price, so you can greet the winter season with confidence.

Throughout the areas of Moorhead, Grand Forks, West Fargo, and beyond, if your car is already a little sluggish to start it could be from the battery, so come and get your battery tested at Corwin Honda. If you're eager to get prepared for the challenges of winter and looking for DIY options, we recommend investing in a battery charger, which can be used to ensure that your battery is fully-charged and ready to take on the challenges of winter weather. Drivers are also encouraged to inspect the terminals of their battery, cleaning off any corrosion and applying some dielectric grease to prevent further corrosion.

To learn more about ways to keep your battery charged and operating at its best, come and see our auto service experts at Corwin Honda Fargo. We'll help assess your current battery, set you up with a new one if needed, and also review ways to keep your battery and vehicle fully-prepared for the freezing winter, so you can enjoy moments of unparalleled confidence even as the temperatures plummet throughout Fargo and beyond.

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Make Sure Your Tires are Ready for Winter at Corwin Honda

  1. Consider investing in winter tires or snow tires
  2. Check the tread depth with a coin
  3. Check the air pressure
  4. Rotate your tires if you haven't done so in the last couple of months

When the winter weather arrives, one of the best ways to ensure that your vehicle is prepared for the challenges ahead is to make sure that the tires on your vehicle have enough tread to handle the certain precipitation buildup on the roads, and deliver the traction and control that drivers demand to enjoy a more confident time behind the wheel. Here at Corwin Honda Fargo, we're committed to getting drivers the satisfaction they seek, so offering a wide range of tires, including all-seasons and winter tires, is one of the ways we can accomplish this. For drivers in Fargo-Moorhead adding winter tires to their vehicle is a surefire way to enjoy great confidence, even as the snow begins to accrue.

Here at Corwin Honda, we're proud to offer a huge selection of tires, and can even supply you with chains for your current tires if you'd prefer that approach. If you're unsure of the current condition of your tires, a simple DIY step to take is to measure the depth of your treads with a coin. By inserting a penny into the tread, you'll be able to gauge the wear on the treads and if you can see the majority of the figure in profile, it is certainly time to get new tires. With new tires prepared for winter weather, you can count on them to make reliable contact with the road while also pushing out any precipitation to ensure maximum control.

If you'd like our auto service experts to check your tires, we're happy to do so, and can even provide you with new tires should you decide to invest in a set. We can also review ways for you to keep an eye on your tires, and offer DIY tips to help you get through the winter season. So come and see our auto service experts at 201 40th St, Fargo, ND and we'll make sure your vehicle is riding atop the best tires for the approaching season, and you can enjoy unparalleled confidence in the adventures of your future.

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Getting Ready for Winter - Radiator

  1. Check for cracks
  2. Check the coolant/antifreeze level and change if needed

  3. The radiator is an often overlooked part of the vehicle under the hood, but it pays an integral part of keeping the vehicle operating smoothly, by carrying heat away from the engine, keeping the vehicle running cooler. With a combination of antifreeze and distilled water, the radiator helps to prevent the buildup of ice throughout the vehicle, therefore playing an important role in the winter season. Throughout the Fargo-Moorehead area, drivers will be counting on their radiators to help get them through the winter, so ensuring it is in its best possible condition is a must.

    The right mix of antifreeze and water is absolutely important, too much water and ice can build up inside, creating a crack in the radiator, or building up ice in the lines, which can result in damage to your transmission. For these reasons, it is important to get your radiator flushed, and to ensure that you have the appropriate level of coolant in your vehicle. With too little coolant you can run into issues like overheating the car, and can even run into instances of no heat, which would not be ideal for taking on a Fargo winter.

    To learn more about the importance of the radiator in your vehicle, or to have your radiator examined by an auto service expert, come and see our team at the Corwin Honda Service Center. Once you're here at our location, we'll help you to get more prepared for an enjoyable winter throughout Fargo and wherever else the roads may lead.

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Getting Ready for Winter - Brakes

  1. Get your brakes checked if they squeek and/or have a delayed response
  2. Don't slam on your brakes in icy conditions
  3. Don't tailgate
  4. Accelerate slowly to help prevent sliding

There is little doubt that the brakes on a vehicles are one of the most important parts of the vehicle, which drivers depend on every time they get behind the wheel. During the winter, the importance of the brakes is amplified, as road conditions degrade and require more attentive and safe driving from those throughout Fargo and nearby areas like Moorhead, West Fargo, Grand Forks, and beyond. But even when it's warm and sunny, having reliable brakes is an absolute must, and the team at Corwin Honda Fargo is prepared to help you ensure that your brakes are ready for the challenges of winter and the seasons of the future.

When any kind of ice is found on the roads, the importance of the brakes is raised, as they become vital for maintaining control of the vehicle and delivering outstanding confidence to drivers and passengers as they travel. Brakes work best in conjunction with good tires, so be sure that your tires are ready for the challenge of snow and ice-covered roads as well, and with our help you'll have a full set of brakes ready to take on the roads of the future.

Some of the most beneficial winter driving tips we can offer include:

  • Don't slam the brakes if there might be ice on the road.
  • When accelerating, do so slowly to gain traction and avoid building up too much speed too quickly.
  • Don't tailgate - a tip that goes year-round, it's just easier to avoid any kind of accident if you don't tailgate other drivers.
  • Decelerate slowly, it takes longer to slow on icy roads, so give yourself plenty of room to use the brakes and come to a nice, easy stop.

If you have any questions about brake maintenance or would like to see our auto service teams about getting your brakes replaced, come and see our team at 201 40th St, Fargo, ND. Once you arrive at our location we'll help you to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the challenges of winter driving, so that you can easily and confidently get back to enjoying the adventures of your future.

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Wiper Blades

Prepping Your Car for Winter - Wiper Blades

  1. Turn your wipers upside down to see if the rubber is off-center
  2. Make sure the windshield washer fluid is rated at -20 degrees so it won't freeze in freezing temperatures

With winter weather upon us, the time has come for drivers throughout the Fargo, ND area to prepare for the challenges presented by the seasonal changes, and the difficult weather it brings upon us all. One of the simplest ways to ensure that your vehicle is prepared for the difficulties of winter weather, is to ensure that you have new or recently-installed windshield wiper blades. With these, you'll have a noticeably easier time seeing the roads and being aware of your surroundings.

Made of rubber, windshield wipers naturally wear down after a few months of use, and using a worn set will likely result in the windshield being left with streaks and other vision-obscuring marks. Of course, winter weather can also cause significant damage to the windshield wipers, so it is important that drivers throughout Moorhead, Grand Forks, West Fargo, and beyond do simple things like pull up the wiper blades at night so that they don't freeze to the windshield. Making sure that the chunks of ice are scraped away from the glass will also help to maintain the wiper blades throughout the winter season.

If you'd rather replace your wiper blades on your own, instead of coming to see the auto service experts at Corwin Honda Fargo, it is a pretty simple and straightforward process. Simply follow the steps below.

  • Get exact measurements to know which size wiper blades you'll need.
  • Raise wiper arm away from the windshield
  • Where the blade meets the arm should be a stopper holding the blade in place, press this and unhook the blade.
  • Slide the refill in where you pulled the old blade out, gently pivoting the new wiper until it hooks into place securely.
  • Lay the wiper back against the windshield and repeat for the second wiper.

If you require any assistance or are looking for a place to purchase replacement blades, come and see our team at 201 40th St, Fargo, ND. We'll make sure you're ready for all the challenges that the winter weather is bringing with it.

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